These are the top 7 questions potential clients ask about my Life Coaching services:

A) Anita, how does coaching long distance work for the client?

It works very well as it is more about the relationship that is fostered between us, rather than where we are physically located.  One of my strengths is fostering an atmosphere of trust, safety and compassion. This relationship is just as strong be it by phone or internet, than it would be with a face-to-face meeting. Try it out, with my no-obligation free 30 minute phone, Skype, or in-person session.

B) I’ve never participated in on-line or telephone coaching before. What is this like and is it effective?
Yes, it is very effective. Coaching done in this manner is common place and has been shown to be just as effective as face-to-face sessions. Many of my clients can attest to this. For ‘extra’ personal contact, we have the option to use a web cam.
C) Is there any advantage to receiving coaching in this manner?
Yes, there is. Often you will find it more convenient to do sessions via phone or internet as you are in the comfort of your own home, there is greater flexibility in appointment times, more time efficiency as you do not have to drive anywhere, and easy to set up even with minimal computer skills.
D) Are there costs associated with on-line or phone sessions?
The cost for online coaching is a non-issue as Skype can be downloaded and used for free. For long distance phone sessions, you may already be on a good, economical phone plan. If not, there are many to choose from. Also, remember you are saving on transportation cost.
E) What is ‘Skype’ and how do I access it?
Skype is a free internet service, allowing you to speak to someone in real time, just like you would on a phone. Simply google ‘Skype’ and follow the steps. You will be asked to create your own Skype number (similar to a phone number). The process should only take 5 minutes. It is safe, reliable and popular. You are then able to ‘Skype’ to anywhere in the world for free as long as the other person also has ‘Skype’. Please do not click on the ‘for fee’ options. They are not needed for this purpose.
F) What is the procedure and structure once I decide to begin coaching sessions with you?
The first session is called the ‘Discovery Session’. This is where we lay the foundation for a strong, collaborative relationship. You will be encouraged to share your honest feedback about how you think things are going throughout our time together. We decide together if any adjustments need to be made.  The following sessions are every other week 60 minutes.  You will receive homework to do during the off-week, giving you an invaluable opportunity to practice what you are learning in the sessions.  You may take advantage of a 5 minute phone call with myself, if you need extra guidance during this time.  I will try my utmost to meet any special requests that serve you on your journey.  You sign up for a 1, 3 or 6 month package and we get down to the business of moving you toward goal achievement.  For added flexibility, I now offer a single 60 minute session.
G) What are your fees and how do I pay you?
I offer very reasonable rates for high quality individualized service packages. Please click here for current package costs.  I encourage you to do some comparison shopping and am confident you will agree with me.  Payment may be done securely through PayPal, by check or by cash.

Please contact me for appointments, further questions, and fee information. Thank-you.

Skype # : Gratitude38

Email: anita@aspirationslifecoaching.com

Phone # : 604 788 4633

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